Monday, April 16, 2007

Pinless Dialing: Eighth World Wonder?

Well, probably not. But it's a pretty nice feature, and it makes calling cards even more convenient to use.

What is Pinless Dialing?
Pinless dialing is a service provided by some calling card providers that enables you to place calls without entering a pin number. If you're tired of memorizing long strings of numbers (in addition to the phone numbers you already have to know to place calls), or misdialing in the middle of some 10-digit string, you may want to give pinless dialing a try.

How does it work?
Pinless dialing requires one step of setup: you must specify (or "register") the phone numbers from which you'll be using your account. (With, you can register up to 6 numbers, enough for home, work, cell, and three additional locations.) Then, when you call from these numbers, the system automatically recognizes your account. Rather than a full PIN, you only have to enter a short (usually 3-digit) security code to prevent unauthorized account access.

Bonus: Speed Dial
To save you from dialing still more numbers, many cards with pinless dialing also enable speed dial. Speed dial requires the same first step as pinless dialing - you must register the phone numbers for your speed dial with your account. When placing calls to the numbers in your speed dial, you only have to dial a single digit and the pound (#) sign.

If you were to save your access number in your phone's speed dial, you could place a call on your calling card in just 5 keystrokes. Amazing, no?

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