Friday, August 10, 2007

Have you saved money with calling cards?

If you enjoy calling cards, chances are that you know someone else who might, too. After all, who wouldn't want to save money on long distance costs? Did you know that you could earn money by connecting that friend with a calling card? With the affiliate program, friend + calling card = $$ for you.

(Of course, your customers don't have to be your friends. With the Internet, almost anything's possible.)

If you're not familiar with affiliate programs, here's the general idea.
  1. You sign up with the affiliate program
  2. You put a banner or text link on your website, blog, newsletter, etc. to Your link contains your afiiliate id, an identifier that ensures that you get credit for any sales that are generated by your link.
  3. Visitors to your site click on your link and purchase calling cards.
  4. You earn 10% commission on every sale - and on any cards that your customers buy in the future, even if they don't use your link next time (we call that "Customer For Life").
We have some more advanced affiliate options as well, so stop by the Affiliate Program site and take a look. Sign up is absolutely free, and new affiliates get a $25 bonus just for signing up.

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