Wednesday, September 12, 2007

5 Tips for Calling Card Affiliates

We have many satisfied affiliates who work with us through our c2 affiliate programs, as well as through our private label options. Here are 5 tips that can help boost your calling card affiliate results:

1. Customize the "calling from" country to match your target audience.
Did you know that you can set the "calling from" country in your search box to display the country of your choice? If you know that most of your site traffic is from China, or that you are writing specifically to appeal to people in Turkey, this can help boost your conversions because your visitors will already be halfway done with their purchase!

2. Promote your site!
There are lots of calling card customers out there, so if they're not buying from you, it could just be because they don't know about your site. Make a quick post to let your visitors/readers know why you have chosen to offer them inexpensive, high quality calling cards along with the rest of your site's offerings.

3. Promote the free card offer!
Each new customer can receive a free 10 minute card to call anywhere in the world, so make sure your visitors are aware! Who doesn't want a free long distance call?

4. Avoid technical problems.
Make sure you have set up your links correctly, or you won't be able to track (and won't get credit for) your sales. Detailed linking instructions can be found in the marketing tools section of your affiliate account.

5. Consider a Co-Brand
Co-Brand sites feature your logo and choice of site theme - it's like having your own calling card site, but setup takes only a few minutes. If you already have a strong site brand that your visitors trust, you might want to create a co-brand site.

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