Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Calling Cards: The Perfect Gift

Some friends of mine are getting married in a few weeks, and I knew just what to get them (along with something off their registry, of course): a calling card! Since I knew they'd be honeymooning in Cancun, I got them a calling card with enough minutes to call home from Mexico at the best rate (I chose the World Access Card - no connection fee, 3.7 cents/minute, 1-minute billing increment). With the calling card, my friends can spend their hard-earned money on fun in the sun, not on calling mom and dad.

Calling cards are a really thoughtful gift for many occasions. Weddings and other big family events that demand a lot of phone time are good candidates, but so are housewarmings and going away parties (since the recipients will have lots of talking to do with old and new friends). Students and travelers always welcome calling cards, especially if they'll be going abroad, and if you shop carefully you can get much better rates online than the recipient would be able to find in his destination country. If you have friends or family who live in another country, consider tucking a calling card into your next birthday or holiday card - it will make staying in touch so much easier.

A calling card is an unexpected but useful gift that fits any lifestyle (no clutter, nothing to maintain), but is much more personal than a gift certificate or cash. Online, prepaid calling cards are also convenient, even for last-minute gifts, since they're delivered within minutes! What other occasions would be good for giving calling cards? Fall and winter holidays are right around the corner, after all....

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