Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I've always felt that calling directory assistance was a necessary evil - it's convenient, reliable, and still usually faster than trying to get information from the internet on a cell phone or handheld. The "evil" part comes in when the bill arrives: $1.50 per call? $2? For a movie listing? Please.

We've got an answer - new Live 411. Directory assistance for 75 cents per call, from a live operator, using the same database as the big guys so all your needed information will always be up-to-date.

Live 411
Services include:
  • Directory Assistance
    Live operator and/or automated search for caller requested United States, Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands phone number listings for residential and businesses. Your search can also include category and reverse phone number/address searches.

  • LocationPro®
    From turn-by-turn driving directions to taxi and towing referral, our operators provide travelers with an extra level of quality and service.

  • Number Reader
    Automated voice reads the number to you automatically at the close of the call. This is available in either English or Spanish.

  • MoviePro®
    Nationwide listings for all major theaters including show times, theater location, economy times, phone numbers, reviews and more.

  • AstroPro®
    Horoscopes are provided for each astrological sign on a daily basis.

  • Weather:
    Daily and weekly weather forecasts are available for the majority of the cities within the United States. (Live Operator)
We've gotten great feedback so far, so let us know what you think! Live 411 is currently available with calling services from Mobile Caller (mobilecaller.c0m) and CallingCard.com. See more information on getting started with Live 411 here.

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