Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Two Ways to get Free Calling Cards!

Way #1: Visit and get a free 10 minute call to anywhere in the world.
I'm not sure I can make that much simpler! Just click on that link, enter some basic info, and get ready to make your call. There are no strange rules or requirements - no purchase is required before or after you request your free minutes, and we don't even collect payment information.
Who can do it: Anyone with a valid email address, physical address, and phone number
Why: You're traveling, you rarely make international calls, or you want to test out our call quality

Way #2: Drop me an email if you're a business, nonprofit, or other group that serves an international market. We have free calling cards for you!
We have physical and electronic calling cards that you can offer your customers...quantities and design vary based on your specific needs. Just send an email to liz "at" with some details about your group (URL, # of members or daily customer average, contact information) and I'll let you know what's available to you and how soon we could ship to you!
Who can do it: Any business or non-profit group in the US (international availability coming very soon).
Why: Who doesn't want to save on international calls?

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